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Ebony Canion

Your name/ about yourself ?

My name is Ebony @survival_story Canion and I am a mother, survivor, encourager, the owner of Survival Story Tees, an author, and a child of God.

How did you get started?

I first decided to share my story via social media after I was ran over by a car in 2012 on purpose, and suffered several life threatening injuries, and survived. I knew that I'd been through so much more before being run over, then to survive being dragged almost 200 feet I knew I had to tell the world what God had done for me. I knew I had to help others who felt like giving up and had no hope. I knew that I was saved for a reason. I first shared my story only months after I'd awoke from a coma. I started off with just a couple family members and friends, and my story spread. The response was amazing. I then knew that it was time to share my entire life story and all that I'd overcome and I knew that it was time to write a book. Which is how my book Left For Dead came about. My book Left For Dead has been a blessing to so many and I'm so blessed to still be here, and to be used as a vessel for God.

What struggles have you over come and how?

There have been many struggles that I've overcome since being run over. I'm now scarred from head to toe and walking with the aid of leg braces, and a cane (which is a blessing because when I first awoke from the coma I couldn't move from my neck down) so I had to learn to love myself beyond what you could see. I had to learn to accept what I saw in the mirror. At first this was hard but I knew that my scars weren't going anywhere and that I needed to embrace them and make them look good! I learned that I wear my scars and that my scars don't wear me. I knew that if I loved me then others couldn't help but to.

How do you stay positive and focused?

My children, God and knowing that my purpose is beyond me keeps me positive and focused. I know that things could be so much worse than what they are so I'm grateful. I think that I'm just so happy to still be alive no matter if that comes with scars, leg braces, and a cane that I refuse to let anything negative affect my joy and positivity. I know that where I am now isnt where I'm going to stay!

Any words of advice for future girl bosses following in your footsteps?

My words of advice would be to love yourself. To embrace what you can't change about yourself. True beauty comes from within and what's on the outside only enhances that beauty. Nobody and I mean nobody is perfect. Once we learn to embrace our imperfection and love what we can not change about ourselves, we have discovered what true beauty really is. Beauty is strength, determination, courage, and the ability to love yourself, and help other women do the same.