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Julia Stabler

Your name/about yourself ?

Hi, my name is Julia! Professionally I am a rep for a custom menswear brand. Unprofessionally I am a mental health advocate. My main Instagram account is @jstabler but I am super excited that I just launched @julia_lives_bipolar.

Why did you get into that?

I have wanted to share my journey with bipolar disorder for years. I struggled unknowingly throughout my early adulthood. Three years ago I had a psychotic break, which opened my family’s eyes to the fact that I had a mental illness. I spent one night in an ER psychiatric ward, a few hours in solitary confinement, a week in a different psych ward and then a month in a recovery centre

Which females influence you the most?

My mom was the first person to urge me to tell my story, wanting me to write a memoir. She watched me recover baby step by baby step from my lowest low. In mental health advocacy, there are celebrities I admire for their outspoken contribution and courage, and also a few authors of great memoirs. I have highlighted a few on my page so far, but there are more to come! My psychiatrist, therapist, medication, healthy habits and lots of love from my friends and family all helped me find stability and rebuild my life.

Any words of advice for future girl bosses following in your footsteps?

I continue to manage my health diligently and have plans in place for when I’m feeling overwhelmed. My advice to anyone facing tough circumstances is to never stop reaching out for help. It’s ok to be vulnerable for a time and get well. A driven person, that was a difficult concept for me, but once I relaxed into recovery I learned a lot about life and myself. I came out the other side a more empowered person.