You Run Like a Girl will host a half-day workshop in elementary schools. The school has the option to choose if they want the workshop for one classroom, multiple classrooms, or all the girls in the school. This workshop is designed to allow young girls to understand the importance of confidence, kindness, and strength.  It will also teach girls how to stick together, and lift each other up throughout their lives. The workshop contains 1-2 guest speakers, activities and role-play. It is designed as a safe-space for these young girls to have discussions about what being a girl means to them, and how they can collectively work towards inclusion and acceptance.



You Run Like a Girl will host a half-day, a full day, or an after-school program for girls in high schools. The main focus around the high school workshop is teaching young girls the importance of being proud of who you are, regardless of what society expects you to be. This workshop covers self-love, body-positivity, kindness, and uniqueness. There will be 2-3 guest speakers sharing the ways in which they overcame their struggles regardless of the barriers in their way, as well as activities and roleplay for the students to take part in. This workshop places a high importance on bullying, and teaches these young girls how they can be stronger together.

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You Run Like a Girl will host a 2-4 hour presentation or workshop in businesses across Toronto and the GTA. The purpose of this workshop is to demonstrate the importance of women in business. We will have 2-3 guest speakers, touching upon their journey of becoming successful in their career, or entrepreneurship. This workshop will touch upon workplace inequalities and create a safe, open space for discussion surrounding this topic, and solutions on how we can collectively create a change. This workshop will inspire, empower and influence women to continue to fight for their equality in the workplace, as well as spark their creativity and drive in their careers.



Workshops by You Run Like a Girl can be booked for events, parties, corporations, colleges, universities, or guest speaking opportunities. We will work with you to understand your audience, location, and time frame to set up the perfect workshop that fits your vision. We can include a variety of guest speakers (CEOS, Moms, Youth, Body Positivity, Eating Disorder Journey and Recovery, Mental Health, Addictions, Cancer, Self-love, Intellectual Disabilities, Bullying, Influencers, etc.) as well as a variety of activities, and role play session. We are available across Toronto and The GTA.